High-quality, engaging content is key to an effective content marketing strategy. HageyMedia creates high-quality, results-focused written content for small businesses.

Prices vary by scope of work.


Blogs: Blogs are the anchor to the all-powerful god (demon?) of content marketing. If you need effective, high-quality blog posts to spin your content marketing efforts into hyperdrive, HageyMedia is for you.

Client success stories: Nothing brings your product or service to life like a well-written, well-reported success story. When done well (and HageyMedia will ensure it's done well), a case study illustrates your firm's value propositions, demonstrates how real clients are using it to get results, what exactly those results are and how and why the client went with you in the first place. 

Website copyedit: Websites are a business' digital home, so its copy should be on-brand, communicate value propositions clearly and concisely and be easy to comprehend. This is something most websites need. Does yours. Pricing depends on overall word count and the firm's understanding of its brand, audience and unique value propositions.

Case studies: Case studies help explain the practical, lived benefits your product or service delivers to clients. Leveraging deep journalism skills and experience, HageyMedia performs in-depth interviews to pull out where your product or service shines and how.

Bios: A bio that perfectly captures who you are can help deepen relationships with clients and leads. HageyMedia will develop a customized bio for you.

White papers: You need to demonstrate that you're the expert in your field. There's no better way than a white paper. 

Press releases: Founded by a journalist who's read hundreds of press releases in his day, HageyMedia knows how to write a press release that will be both clear and enticing to journalists. This can lead to valuable earned media opportunities.