content audit

Have you been blogging and doing social media for awhile with lackluster results? Bring in HageyMedia for a content audit. After filling out a few questions on an intake form, we'll schedule a one-hour call to uncover business goals, current content efforts, successes and challenges. 

HageyMedia will then pore over your website, blog and social media and give top suggestions for how to improve.

Price: $300

Deliverables include:

  • Written assessment and recommendations for how to improve content strategy in relation to business goals, audience, competition, measurement, website, blog and social media.
  • You'll receive a style guide that you can use to develop or commission consistent, engaging, on-brand, targeted content.
  • Top recommendations for improving content strategy to get results.

Receive $100 off HageyMedia Launch and Growth packages purchased within two weeks of completing the audit.