Smart Content

Producing high-quality, effective content is difficult. Turn to HageyMedia to help you build the content strategy that consistently delivers results, or hire HageyMedia to produce content for you.

Right content, right audience, right time = a thriving business.

launch package

For firms looking to kick-start a content marketing play. Establish a strong foundation that will support engaging, unique, effective content.
Price: $1,200

Content Audit: A full assessment of your current content and strategy including business goals, audiences, measurement, website, blog and social media. Use this to assess where you're strong and where you need work to devote content attention and dollars and get maximum results.

Style guide: Without a consistent style (agreed upon grammar, word usage, etc.), the copy on your website, blog, newsletter, etc. will appear scattered, look unprofessional and detract from your message. We'll create a style guide that you'll use for all your content, so you don't have to guess about capitalizing "founder" or hyphenating "hyperlocal."

Copy: You need to communicate what you do clearly and concisely. HageyMedia ensures your visitors know what you do, why it's valuable and how to take the next step. HageyMedia will revamp the copy on your website including homepage, services, about us and bios

Growth Package

For firms with a fleshed-out content strategy, ready for engaging, on-brand, high-quality content targeted to specific audiences.
Price: $1,200 per month (three-month minimum)

Blog posts: We'll write two blog posts for you each month. They'll be on-brand, relate strategically to your business goals and be optimized for SEO. Each post includes an image.

Content ideas: HageyMedia will develop engaging content ideas that reflect your brand, audience and value propositions, and support your business goals.

Social media: HageyMedia will write social media posts to promote the content it produces for you, including three tweets, one Facebook post and one LinkedIn post.

Editorial calendar: HageyMedia will build and manage your editorial calendar, ensuring that all your content efforts live organized in one place. 

Copyediting: HageyMedia will copyedit up to two additional blog posts each month.

HageyMedia offers a la carte services