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Smart Growth-Focused Media

Effective storytelling drives the magic all around us and ultimately serves as the best way to grow a business or brand, but crafting purposeful, effective stories in engaging, smart mediums has become an art in and of itself.

It requires a careful attention to detail, a smart, relationship-focused approach to design, production and performance and a system tailored to a business’s specific needs. We call it media as a service.

That’s where we come in at HageyMedia, an Asheville, North Carolina-based creative agency focused on bringing brands to life with smart media — from branding + messaging to websites and content development.

Because the best, most enjoyable work comes face to face and local, we prefer to work with smart entrepreneurs located in Asheville.

The Gameplan

First, you must establish a website optimized for mobile, SEO and speed, designed to help visitors engage with your brand and make appointments.

Second, you create a steady diet of original, high-quality content — from blog posts to video — that authentically aligns with your brand, engages your target audience and provides value, consistently.

Blending the two with a smart digital content marketing strategy — an SEO-optimized website built to drive conversions, a smart email and social media distribution strategy, savvy Facebook marketing and measurable business goals — and you’ll realize sustainable success, on your own terms.

This means lower-cost inbound leads, higher conversion rates and, overall, a more vibrant brand.

This is HageyMedia, a content-focused design and execution agency for the digital age. We use a smart media design and execution to help you grow your business.



When you know who you are and who you’re talking to, you’ll uncover an authentic brand and voice that supports effective messaging, engaged prospects and increased sales. This clarity leads to an engaging, authentic bio, audience avatars (so you know exactly who you’re talking to and why), your unique value propositions, your competitive landscape, and how they all tie into your business goals.

Content that Converts

Once you nail brand, you can develop content — blogs, videos, ads, white papers, client-success stories — that converts. At HageyMedia, we call this SmartContent and the processes and platform to support it. This means a content calendar, story lists, foundational content, viral content, distribution plan and more. Content is designed to showcase your expertise, provide value to your target audience and drive website traffic, engagement and conversions.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a black box. HageyMedia harnesses its power and tailors it to your business. This means a single platform that includes a mobile-, SEO-optimized website, an email marketing platform, appointment scheduler, Facebook advertising, landing pages and opt-in software. The beautiful website expresses your brand, guides visitors clearly toward actions on each page and makes you look good. Own your digital presence, don’t rent it. HageyMedia offers both done-for-you services and coaching to bring your brand to life.


Measurement undergirds any smart strategy. We set clear goals, clearly measure our progress toward them and thereby uncover where to tweak strategy, where to double down and how we achieve our business goals. Our efforts drive two main goals: generate more appointments and sign clients. In addition to these, we track proxy metrics such as website visits, email database growth, email open rates and clickthrough rates and ad performance.

Business + Passion


With a smart digital content marketing strategy in place, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re building an organic, sustainable business aligned with your passions. Great content, paired with a beautiful, high-performing website and smart digital marketing leads to more inbound leads, increased conversion rates and, overall, a more, stable, confident business, designed for growth.


HageyMedia content digital marketing platform and system is designed for entrepreneurs passionate about their business and craft. If you care deeply about your business, your clients and your product or service, HageyMedia is for you. When passion and business align, we create more value, cultivate excitement and, overall, enjoy our work and have more fun.


Growth, in terms of dollars, is not the end all be all. It is a huge component of work, but a career is more than money. We’ll clearly delineate your business goals and craft a content digital marketing strategy that supports them. In the end, you’ll have a business you love working in and are proud of.

That feeling when business and passion unite!

Who’s it for?

You know you need a smart content digital marketing strategy and feel overwhelmed at the prospect of implementing one.

You have a deep passion for your business, your service and providing value to your clients and want your business to efficiently support your efforts.

You want to develop a smart, digital-first business, where you own your online presence, stand out from the crowd, authentically broadcast your unique value and measure your steady growth.

You want to cultivate a crafted, boutique business with low customer-acquisition costs, high conversion rates and a vibrant, authentic brand.

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