These posts cover the mechanics of digital marketing, measurement, media and more.

Marketing, the flip-side of product

A lot of eyes glaze over when the word “marketing” pops up, mine included, especially before I shifted from the journalism side of things and began exploring the dark arts of content marketing.

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Excellence doesn’t happen by accident

We all witnessed Tom Brady’s excellence on Sunday — calm, poised and infectiously passionate. Did you doubt the Patriots would score a touchdown and end the game when the team won the overtime coin toss? (Poor Falcons).

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The tyranny of trust

As the nation hangs its head and philosophically (uncomfortably) stares at its navel and ponders whether there’s really a there out there, trust crumbles all around us. With alternative facts, fake news and partisan minds dominating the media landscape, where does that leave connection, faith, community? Besides indoors, those vital components of society stick even tighter to authenticity, passion and sense.

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Another Connect down. Brad and the Inman team keep executing, and expanding, the conference into a must-attend event in residential real estate. By all accounts, Hacker Connect — the technologist-focused event, which debuted on Monday — was a success, but left many exhausted who faced a week straight of the endless connecting that Connect stimulates.

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How to execute content like Melania Trump

Melania Trump’s apparent plagiarism in her Republican National Convention speech yesterday dominated the news (and meme) cycle today. And for good reason: she, and her speech writers, appeared to lift whole sections from Michele Obama’s 2008 Democratic National Convention speech.

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As ‘Pokemon Go’ needs Pokemon, content marketing needs goals

A content marketing strategy without a goal is like a “Pokemon Go” account without any Pokemon. What’s the point? Of course, making goals isn’t the problem. What paralyzes many real estate firms, brokers and agents who want to dive into content marketing, but haven’t, is having a clear, easy process for measuring progress toward their goals.

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