Media is a broad term, one all-important to HageyMedia. Effective media features high-quality content and an engaged audience — the two become interlinked and support each other.

Why Zillow Group ungated its B2B content

Producing engaging content for specific audiences with specific goals for each lies at the heart of content marketing. Zillow Group knows this very well. Its strategy encompasses two distinct audiences — consumers and real estate agents — two separate goals, and, consequently, two content marketing strategies.

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Zillow Group, content marketing and syndication

Amy Bohutinsky is the 10th the most powerful person in real estate. Zillow Group’s former chief marketing officer and now its chief operating officer, her vision and execution helped catapult the Seattle-based giant to tremendous growth and an anticipated $1 billion in revenue in 2017.

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Hoodline, local journalism + real estate content marketing

It’s been well-chronicled. The long death-rattle of local journalism has opened an immense opportunity for real estate brokerages and agents, to, as media luminary Gary Vaynerchuck implored the crowd at Inman Connect in August, become the digital mayors of their towns.

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Content marketing + ROI

Arrow Electronics raked in over $23 billion in 2015. It distributes the components of our futures — the stuff that goes inside Google servers, General Electric engines and smart-home products and SpaceX rockets.

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