As the nation hangs its head and philosophically (uncomfortably) stares at its navel and ponders whether there’s really a there out there, trust crumbles all around us.

With alternative facts, fake news and partisan minds dominating the media landscape, where does that leave connection, faith, community? Besides indoors, those vital components of society stick even tighter to authenticity, passion and sense.

It also makes quality hyperlocal, community content (whether local applies to a niche audience or a geography) more relevant and engaging than ever. But we all know that isn’t easy.

I talk to countless real estate startups, brokers and agents who tend to think a blog post exists as a single bare tree in a clear-cut. They fail to see that meaning only emerges when content is part of an ecosystem — forest, streams, birds, insects (branding, distribution, advertising, metrics-based goals). And meaning = trust = relationships = business = everything.

In the disorientation creeping up around us, smart content can bring brand and company to life, cultivate and demonstrate passion, make work and life more fun and, above all, enrich your community.

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