We all witnessed Tom Brady’s excellence on Sunday — calm, poised and infectiously passionate. Did you doubt the Patriots would score a touchdown and end the game when the team won the overtime coin toss? (Poor Falcons).

A roll-out-of-the-bed style did not breed that mindset, and comeback and brilliance — that’s obvious. But what may not be so obvious is the intense work and commitment that enables Brady to sling magic on perhaps the world’s biggest stage at age 39. It’s easy to think of him as “other” — a golden god with a supermodel wife and perfect life destined for greatness. Not it at all.

He was drafted 199th overall, in the sixth round, by the New England Patriots in 2000. Years of steadfast commitment, and a great franchise, gave Brady the opportunity to do what he did on Sunday. Oh, and he goes to bed every night at 8:30 p.m.

There’s an obvious analogy with content marketing, at least to someone steeped in it. Brokers, agents and tech companies frequently come to me  to write one-off blog posts, and my answer is always — if you want results from your content, it takes commitment.

Do you know your brand? Do you know your audience? Do you know your specific business goals related to content? If not, you’ll waste Super Bowl amounts of money, time and opportunity on content with not much to show for it, other than possibly a short-lived buzz.

That’s what HageyMedia is built to do — help you design and execute a smart content strategy that engages your target audience, draws more leads, converts them into clients and closed deals. Reach out to set up a free consultation, and ask about HageyMedia’s content marketing audit.


My favorite author at the moment, Annie Proulx, who won Pulitzer Prizes for her 1993 novel “The Shipping News” and 1997 short story “Brokeback Mountain,” practices this same commitment. The work on her latest book, “Barkskins,” exemplifies it — a trained historian, she spent decades collecting and reading obscure forestry books and research for the sweeping multi-generational, 736-page tome. Brady throws precise passes, her precise descriptions and cliche-free writing delights the mind and fosters communication that transcends understanding into relationship. The power of story and intelligent, thorough work is undeniable. Think about reaching your audience as she and Brady do.