After nearly four years as a reporter at Inman, I’m moving on to work as a content writer, editor and strategist for real estate startups, brokerages and agents. My last day is today, Friday, October 2.

Working for such a top-notch organization with a dogged focus on quality and intelligence has been a gift. I’ve learned a lot from my bright, hard-working colleagues Amber Taufen, Andrea Brambila and Teke Wiggin and my two former editors Matt Carter and Glenn Roberts, Jr.

I’ve gleaned tons from Inman Publisher Brad Inman, including where to get an excellent steak in New York City, that adventurous love is possible in marriage (from he and his wife Yaz’s glorious Facebook feeds) and how to cut a sentence to the bone. I’m extremely grateful to have worked for a company with such a passionate, smart owner. Thank you for the opportunity, Brad.

When I first started writing for Inman in November 2011, I didn’t know the difference between a brokerage and a franchisor, whether IDX was a policy or a disease (found out it’s both), that a real estate portal wasn’t a rip in the universe that would transport you to your childhood home or who the readers are that depend on Inman for fast, accurate, insightful real estate news.

I came to know what was what, and the latter — you — well. The desire to provide you with thorough, intelligent, accurate information drove my reporting. You inhabit my brain, and now I’m one of you: I sign up for Select on Saturday. 

Thank you!