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Whether you want to hone your brand, create compelling content be it for your website or a whitepaper, develop a consistent, coherent messaging strategy that aligns with your brand and engages your target audience, implement a content marketing strategy, align your digital presence across the web, optimize your content-focused lead-generation strategy, or all of the above, HageyMedia has a package for you.

Flexible Services

At root, HageyMedia is a content-focused digital marketing agency. We can develop your content digital marketing foundation, a smart strategy and execute it for you in a turnkey solution. Or we can support you in constructing your foundational elements and implementing the strategy yourself.

Your Partner

Whether you want to kickstart a full-fledged digital content marketing strategy, hone your digital and brand basics, assess your current strategy or want to shore up one core element of your digital content business, HageyMedia has a solution.

Because a full digital content marketing strategy requires lots of time and effort, HageyMedia offers packages that support a stair-stepped approach. After each phase, you’ll find immense value and your business will benefit. You’ll be able to assess your progress each step of the way and make metric-based decisions on whether to hold steady, pause or go all in.

HageyMedia serves as your digital content marketing partner.

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First Steps

New to content digital marketing? Take some first steps to recognize the value that a smart strategy can unlock for you.

Bio: We’ll uncover your brand, unique value propositions and target audience by developing a written bio. This step is useful, and can also serve as a stepping stone to foundational work.

Content Marketing Audit: A full assessment of your current content and strategy including business goals, audiences, measurement, website, blog and social media. Use this to assess where you’re strong and where you need to devote content attention and dollars to get maximum results.

Full Digital Audit: A full digital audit provides a comprehensive digital picture of your business — from website structure to messaging to email marketing to CRM to measurement. We’ll highlight the low-hanging fruit you can improve to get results.


With foundational pieces in place, we implement your content digital marketing system. A full digital marketing stack anchors the system, highlighted by a mobile-optimized, fast website with email marketing, foundational content and an appointment-scheduling baked in.

Website design and launch: We’ll customize your website with photography and content that reflects your brand and highlights you as a knowledgeable professional. This includes building out multiple pages of on-brand content. Website hosting, development and design is included. See an example of a HageyMedia website here.

Foundational content: Whether it be in-depth neighborhood guides, client success stories or other content, HageyMedia, with your guidance, creates unique, informative, valuable foundational content that will bring the website, and the content digital marketing strategy, to life.

Digital marketing stack: A website alone doesn’t cut it these days. We’ll also set up the site to measure conversions for specific goals, set up Google Analytics and a Facebook pixel, optimize your Facebook business page, set up your audiences in email marketing software, deploy an appointment-scheduling software to make setting appointments a snap, develop a lead magnet and roll out a lead-gen strategy.


Brand: Through a series of interviews and an analysis of your business, target audience and competition, we’ll uncover your brand, including your unique value propositions and messaging. We’ll create foundational brand documents that we’ll use for our digital content marketing strategy.

Audience Analysis: Do you know your audience, its distinct elements, its pain points, what its members respond to and why? We’ll clarify audience and create avatars to support a successful content strategy.

Identify Foundational Content: Using your brand and audience blueprints, we identify foundational content that will reflect your brand and engage your audience.

Needs assessment: We’ll outline your digital content marketing needs and resources and outline where we should focus our energies to implement a successful digital content marketing strategy in the shortest time.

Top-flight Execution

At HageyMedia, we drive growth with high-quality, on-brand, unique content tailored to your business and audience. That’s what sets us, and the field of content digital marketing, aside from other lead-generation and business-building strategies. It requires foundational work, entrepreneur passion, engagement and time, but once the strategy is humming, you’ll have an exceptional digital presence, which you 100 percent control, and will cultivate a sustainable, online business.

Content planning + production: We’ll build a detailed editorial calendar for blog posts and distribution, including social media and email marketing, that we’ll use to outline and produce timely, engaging content that lives on your website. HageyMedia takes care of everything — from planning to publishing and distribution.

Facebook advertising: HageyMedia supports content production with Facebook advertising, including the development of custom audiences, campaigns optimized for specific website events, such as a contact page view and more.

Measurement and refinement: HageyMedia sends clients a comprehensive report each month, which shows website traffic, ad performance, conversions, SEO and more. We highlight what’s working and the tweaks we need to make to meet our business goals.

This is as turnkey as high-quality content digital marketing gets.